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Research | Camera | Animation 

Whilst I've always had an urge to explore the outdoors, It took me a little while to figure out how to turn that passion into an earnable living.


As an undergrad Conservation Biology student, I'd messed about filming with GoPros whilst doing a few conservation trips overseas but it wasn't until I chose to do a Masters in Science Communication that I realised how powerful video could be as a tool in engaging other people with stories of the natural world and conservation.


After my MSc course finished and I finally managed to save up some cash, I bought my first DSLR and started shooting whenever I had a chance. Very fortunately for me I come from the city of Bristol, which happens to be the hub for natural history. So after following enough amazing filmmakers on Instagram and getting really jealous of their exploits, wildlife filmmaking started to take seed in my mind as a path I wanted to pursue, with its ability to blend together my interests in travel, art and science. 


Career wise, like most people fresh on to the Wildlife film scene, I struggled to get anywhere at first given the competition for roles, so much of my time over the past few years has been spent doing a tonne of voluntary projects on the side of my full time jobs, spamming various organisations with emails asking if I could create some content and learning the ropes of camera operation, video editing and animation from watching too many YouTube vids to count. 

I'm currently working full time as a Junior Researcher at BBC Studios and in my down time I try keep tabs on a few side jobs to develop my skills further including editing videos for the Marine Diaries and Freethink's 'Future_Explored' TikTok channel.

Currently looking to branch out from the wildlife film scene and gain more experience as both an editor and videographer, I'd love to help with your project, so please get in touch and I'll happily buy you a coffee!

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