An elusive wildlife biologist and aspiring presenter with a bachelors degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science (BSc) and more recently a masters in Science Communication (MSc).


Since graduating, this fascinating creature has worked as a development researcher for the university of the West of England's science communication department as well as carrying out research and freelance writing jobs for numerous start up organisations including Eco Companion, Eco Sapien and Young Ocean Explorers (NZ). While we still know little about this mammal, we do know that it has a huge passion for wildlife filmmaking and will continue (or die trying) to create engaging stories for the wider public until it grows old and even uglier looking. 


Driven by my passion for the natural world I often turn to social media to share stories about important conservation topics and have carried out insta story takeovers for the likes of 'The Marine Diaries', 'T-CPI' (The conservation project international) and 'ZSL'. I can also be found regularly posting photos and videos on my Instagram account, @apatmoran, with the goal of reconnecting people with animals and inspiring them to get outside, have fun, and get involved with conservation initiatives themselves. 

Despite how worrying the news may seem at the moment, I seriously believe that there is hope for the future, and the only way we'll be able to do something good for the planet, is to learn more about it and share as much information as possible with everyone we can (old or young).

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