Research | Camera | Presenter | Looking for my first job in TV

I've always had a fascination with the natural world but that fascination didn't necessarily mean it was easy for me to decide what role I eventually wanted to pursue in life until more recently.


As an undergrad Conservation Biology student, I'd messed about filming with GoPros whilst doing a few conservation trips overseas but it wasn't until I chose to do a Masters in Science Communication that I realised how powerful video could be as a tool in engaging other people with stories of the natural world and conservation.


Quite quickly after my course finished and I finally managed to save up some cash, I bought my first DSLR and started shooting wherever and whenever I could. The sudden realisation of how much more interesting the world can be came over me pretty quickly after that and I couldn't wait to get out more to film what was around me.  Career wise, like most fresh on the Wildlife film scene, I struggled to get a entry level runner position or just any position for that matter and so I decided to spend a large amount of time contacting organisations to see if I could help with their work and gradually I've developed my portfolio step by step.

I've recently left my job as a Digital Marketing Executive to put more time into taking my first step into wildlife filmmaking and I'm currently doing some freelance work as a Writer, Researcher and VO Artist to keep the funds going alongside creating content for the Eco Sapien YouTube channel.

I'm always in pursuit of at least a foot in the door position at a production company and I'll keep working hard to make that dream a reality over the years to come.

What I enjoy most about filming work is getting people excited about nature and what's around them, especially here in the UK where people often forget what we have on our doorsteps.

Whenever I can, I will be outdoors and when I'm not on my paddle board or cycling, I'm probably behind a computer screen writing up scripts and editing footage for the Eco Sapien channel and generally just trying to improve my craft.

Over the next year I'll be working on my first proper filming project where I'll be covering some of the incredible rewilding projects at play across Europe, so stay tuned for updates via my blog.