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I'm a filmmaker and animator specialising in content focused around science, the natural world, and individuals dedicated to transforming our planet for the better.


With my expertise, I've collaborated with renowned brands such as Nikon, Lenovo, Waterbear, and talent including wildlife TV presenter & author Patrick Aryee, to create compelling short-form digital content.

My recent role as a junior researcher for BBC Studios on the Americas series has provided me with invaluable experience in tackling critical environmental issues through the power of film.

With an academic background in Conservation Biology (BSc), I decided I wanted to further hone my communication skills by pursuing an MA in Science Communication at UWE, where I learned how to produce scientific content for broadcast, written journalism and public outreach festivals.


After finishing my studies, I realised that film was my favourite way of communicating science, and since then I've spent most of my time refining my style, building up my portfolio through producing short educational films and supporting other creatives, brands, and organisations with animations.

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