Arran Moran

Research . Camera . Presenter

Research | Camera | Presenter | Looking for my first job in TV


I am a Conservation Biologist and aspiring wildlife filmmaker with a passion for storytelling and nature. I’ve always been fascinated and curious about the natural world since I was young and have always strived to find different ways to communicate science to the people around me.


As a recent MA Science Communication graduate from Bristol with a background in conservation, I now work as a Digital Executive for a Pharmaceutical marketing company (yeah...bit off focus but I needed a job) and I'm currently working towards taking my first step into the Wildlife Filmmaking industry.

I have a huge interest in finding stories which have yet to be told and love to work with any budding filmmakers out there on some wild content as I appreciate how tricky it is getting into the filmmaking industry (given that I'm still not there yet). Get in touch if this is you and you're based in Bristol or the surrounding area; I'm sure we can make something work.



I'm sill relatively new to the photography game, having bought my first camera just over a year ago but I'm always out and about in my local patch aiming to  refine my skills in all aspects of photography. Hopefully, over the coming years I can showcase this progression here and in my upcoming blog series. Or even better, inspire at least some of you readers to get out into your own local patch to take a few snaps, whether it's with a proper camera or even just your phone. Be sure to send them through if you do!


Presenter and Creative for the Eco Sapien YouTube channel, I research, write scripts and present a wide range of educational videos ranging from profiles on conservation organisations to 'how-to' style videos for introducing biodiversity into your local wild space.

I also create content for the social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) to help bring awareness to the brand and help us in collaboration projects with other organisations.

Organisations we've worked with include Shark Guardian UK, Macaw Recovery Network and FSC Bio links.

Lots of exciting collaborations coming up between 2020 and 2021 so keep your eyes on the channel for updates.

Research | Writing | Editing | Presenter


This episode takes a look into the link between the pineapples we buy in store and the forests of the neotropics.


Animations: Alexandra Paise (

Additianal credit to @samkitephotography for the well needed extra shots.