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The Power Of Growth

Updated: Jan 6

A magical food growing tactic to employ in the kitchen (well not magical but close enough).

A food scrap saver that everyone should know about but pretty much nobody does (this included myself until very recently!)… you can cut the bottom off your romaine lettuce/mint/basil plant/green onion/celery (I`m going to cut to the chase), essentially any vegetable you can get your hands on, stick it in some water for a few days, and then regrow it in your garden. Oh and it works with pineapples too, and everyone loves free pineapples!

Such a simple, quick and easy thing to try, helping you save your leftover food scraps from ending up in landfill and money you would usually spend on your weekly food shop.

How this worked for me:

I myself am an average university student with literally zero gardening experience. That said I wanted to do something about the amount of food going in the bin and more importantly, being as poor as I am, save money for that extra few beers at the local pub each week.

Trying this out has been super handy on a weekly basis, with two seconds of effort using food scraps to magically regrow endless food (endless food is everyone’s dream, never mind an extremely poor student).

Side note: we did have to steal some soil from the next door neighbours front garden to fuel this operation as we weren’t blessed with a garden like some (make sure you cover your tracks if you do this!)

So please feel free to try it out and let me know in the comments how it went, any pictures of your progress and if you have any other tips to share that could help other budding food scrap savers like myself.

Read more at https://www.business2community.com/brandviews/wyzowl/makes-videos-shareable-9-brands-nailed-02021579 How To Grow Vegetables From Kitchen Scraps


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