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Just in case your browser brought you here accidentally, Nature Tripper is going to be growing over the next few months to become a much bigger and more regularly updated mixture of the latest conservation news combined with recent videos and photos from my upcoming trips out into nature.

 Whether that be the coasts of Southern Africa or at the moment, my bog standard back garden in the UK due to reasons we know all too well.

I would like to think you might find this site remotely interesting (but I guess we'll just have to see).







A Peculiar Taste

My first ever Wildlife documentary, filmed over a 7-day period at Schotia Safaris Private Game Reserve in South Africa.

This film examines how different species (warthogs, elephants, and termites), employ peculiar feeding behaviours in order to adapt to their changing environment; the grasslands of the savannah.

I had the most incredible time as a wildlife filmmaking intern in South Africa, not only meeting and learning from so many awesome people and experts but I was also able to learn the basics of writing and producing a natural history film. I developed technical skills with regards to camera work, audio recording, and editing, which I did on Premiere Pro.

The experience provided invaluable insight into the challenges faced when out in the field filming wildlife, and I look forward to taking on all the knowledge I've gained towards future film projects.

Kalam Cosmology 

Synopsis: There is one thing that is certain about the nature of existence: we are all fumbling around blindly in the dark. This dark room, that is our lives, is spent trying to make sense of who we are, what we are meant to do, and what is the purpose of our being here. Because we have so few clues with which to tackle this existential inquiry, the human race has composed a number of theories.

The imagery involved in these theories is often as beautifully imaginative, as the writing is poetic.

Kalam Cosmology is a visual exploration, and a combination, of two of these theories. Akupara the world turtle placed in the philosophical context of Aristotle's "the unmoved mover". If there is an answer to our blind quest, it sits in the realm of the imagination.

This is the first time I've been offered the chance to put my voice to a project other than my own and I'm super ecstatic to be involved in a film as creative and niche as this. The man behind the film is George Kirkinis, who was my Wlidlife Film-making course instructor in South Africa and has worked with the likes of the BBC, Nat Geo and numerous other successful production companies. He wanted to do something a bit different from all the films he's worked on and this is the result. The film is essentially told in the format of your traditional natural history documentary but with the help of VFX and rotoscope principles to create an alternate world. So I couldn't have been happier when he asked me to provide the VO for it. I hope you enjoy!

Eco Sapien

I've officially joined the @Eco Sapien team, an established YouTube channel as a presenter and media creative. 

Subscribe to the channel for weekly videos and check out our socials by following my instagram or the rest of the teams: @apatmoran, @ocean_magpie, @david_bodenham and @green_underwing_wildlife

Wild sequenceS:

1. Warthog






Eco Sapien

The Food Waste revolution

Drought myths: 
episode 2

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